Empowering your business value and wealth creation capacity through a strategic management system and approach

Empowering your business value and wealth creation capacity through a strategic management system and approach

A GROWTH strategy and a VALUE BUILDING strategy do not equate.

A growth strategy will help scale the revenue, so you can cover bigger costs at the same time as you grow.
A value building strategy will help scale the whole business, together with cash generation and retention, because your revenue will grow much faster than your costs. It cannot happen by chance.

Our philosophy

Wealth Teck specializes in helping clients maximise the value of their business ahead of exit, and turn their businesses into assets.

If not exiting or unsure about future exit, we help clients benefit from all the attributes of owning a valuable business: a well differentiated business, with a scalable model, and a strategy to generate surplus cash.

Our focus is value building, for a future purpose of wealth realisation. Value building is not an overnight process. We aim to optimise return on capital employed by maturing lead strategies and processes that will strengthen equity levers.

We have no conflict of interest given we do not carry out the exit transaction. However, we do support clients in that space, and help transaction colleagues achieve better deals if involved early enough.

The three cycles of wealth creation


Turning the business into a valuable asset.


Linking business and owners’ wealth objectives.


Realising wealth at exit.

What we do

At Wealth Teck, we work with business owners looking to achieve wealth from their business, because they have the plan to realise wealth at the exit, sometime in the future. We specialise in building enterprise value.


IT TAKES TIME to turn a business into a valuable asset and embed value bottom up across the business. It is too late when at the exit gate

BUILDING VALUE for future wealth can start during most business cycles. Understanding the dynamics and pressure points of the cycle in which the client's business is operating is key.

A value building process is a business PERFORMANCE OPTIMISER, even in the absence of an exit date or plan.

Service delivery cycles

Come and talk to us about your exit idea/plan/desire, no matter how unclear you are. We will help you define the current starting point towards it and provide clarity as to what a successful approach entail.

What are the benefits of value building to your business and personal goals?

Where are you just now?

We believe every entrepreneur must have an exit strategy, and every entrepreneur CAN extract a meaningful value from their business, if planned.

How much is your business worth if you were selling now? Where do you stand in the selling marketplace? What value gaps must you fill to achieve a desirable value? How achievable will it be to reach your goals from where you stand?

Our Value Diagnostic service encompasses 3 linked up modules:

– a benchmark valuation: a high-level financial benchmark as to what your current potential value is.
– an equity levers scoring to ascertain your value gaps at source.
– a value goal setting demo to understand the feasibility of a potential value strategy.

This saves you the cost of a full valuation since you are not yet at the exit gate, but most importantly, it will provide you with thorough insights into the areas of your business that need attention if you are going to grow in value.

How will you go about maximising value in your business over the term of your exit planning?

This service is part of the next module (the execution plan).

Having ascertained the value goal, the gaps to fill, a value building strategy is crafted to take you and your business through to the exit gate, based on your time frame. We will create with you detailed quarterly plans and be your management partner to implement your exit strategy and ensure it does not get swallowed by the day to day. Wealth is at stake, and focus is required, as well as impeccable execution.

The term of your strategy (2, 3 or 5 years) and your capacity at various levels (management, funding, other strategic imperatives) will dictate the scope of your strategic stretch to achieve the objectives. The plan must be feasible, affordable, and desirable while creating a meaningful and life changing level of wealth at the end.

Execute the plan to build value and prepare for a successful exit.

The pace will be determined by the capacity and the term your strategy. How far are you from the exit gate? How much value are you building?

Impeccable execution means sets of routines and unshakeable focus. This is where we add a lot of value as management partners: by keeping the focus and the eyes on the plan.

We also bring along the required experts to complement the required skills to get you and your business to a state of exit readiness, as the quarters and months unfold.

Tax, legal, risk management, wealth management, systems, corporate finance, and some industry experts when required, to ensure the Owner’s, the management teams and staff and the business’ interests are well preserved in the long term, beyond exit. We also equip client businesses with a post exit strategy, to ensure a long-term trajectory, thus consolidating the value of your business.

Our policy is to never compete nor dislodge any of your advisers, so we will collaborate with them, and if you need, we will recommend trustworthy contacts.

Why work with us


Value Building requires a multi disciplinary approach


A range of strategies to attract new clients, upsell and cross sell to existing clients, while developing a market share strategy, rather than a mere top line revenue growth.


Manage your value drivers and develop an exit strategy over a planned time schedule.


Maximise surplus cash, sweat and create assets


Achieve a scalable business model that drives EBITDA.

Embed operational excellence across all functions.

Our Team

Christiane Hutchinson MBA CEO

Christiane has over 25 years experience in strategic management consultancy. She crafted a value building approach over years, to support wealth creation endeavours of all entrepreneurs. Every business owner needs an exit strategy, which must be built upon a robust value building plan in the first instance, because it takes time to build intrinsic and enterprise value. From start-ups to scale ups, mature businesses, and turnaround, Christiane has a wide experience across all business life cycles. Wealth Teck brings it all together into a value creation system that helps entrepreneurs turn their businesses into assets.When not involved in constant service development, Christiane enjoys meditation, writing and learning golf.

Alan Tilley BA FCA Finance Director

Alan is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Christiane and Alan collaborated when Christiane worked in turnaround in a previous management consulting career. In addition to acting as Finance Director at Wealth Teck, Alan is also founding member of BM&T, with significant award-winning expertise in operational and financial turnaround and cross border restructuring, managing the complex issues in preserving enterprise value in distressed businesses. He is the author of the UK Chartered Accountants best practice guideline on Turnarounds. He is President Emeritus of the European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals and was a contributor and panellist to the 2021 APPG report on Resolving Insolvency; restoring confidence in the system. Alan is an active FD, bringing a valuable contribution into Wealth Teck fast growth strategy.

Steve Eccles BEng PhD Head of Operations

Steve has a background in project management and commercial management. He has held operational roles in a variety of industries where businesses have also benefited from his data and analytical skills. This includes risk analysis of projects and contract strategies, the subject of his PhD at Sheffield University.Steve supports our service delivery and applies his mathematical rigour to bind our well-balanced quantitative and qualitative service together. He works with Christiane in creating a service delivery platform that remains centered on our Clients’ needs for support and focus.

Adam Owens, FCCA, Client Relations Director

Adam is a chartered certified accountant with a deep-seated passion for adding substantial value to businesses and their stakeholders. His extensive industry experience positions him to blend into the Wealth Teck value building strategy team and navigate the intricate landscapes of exit strategy and planning. Affiliated with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Adam's commitment to the highest standards in the finance realm is unwavering. He remains vigilant, keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and best practices, ensuring that the clients’ financial element of strategies are both relevant and future-focused, and aligned within the Wealth Teck value building framework. Outside of his professional endeavours, Adam is a devoted football enthusiast and has recently embarked on mastering the art of golf, appreciating the challenges and intricacies of the game.

We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.